Anaiah Kirk

Tuolumne County is an amazing place to raise a family and retire. Our love of outdoor recreation from skiing at Dodge Ridge, swimming at Pinecrest lake or fishing at Kennedy Meadows offers seasonal enjoyment year round. From visiting state and national parks, shopping, wine and cider tasting or a night out enjoying the local arts, our neck of the woods is something special.

Meanwhile, our quality of life is being challenged on many fronts, ranging from mismanaged forests and devastating fires to roads in third world condition.

As a husband, father and prior youth leader, I understand the challenges facing our community. With your support we can work together to make our community thrive. I represent a young generation of working citizens involved in local government. I have energy and common sense; I get things done.

– Anaiah

Please plan to attend one of these community meetings. Being informed and prepared is critical.
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