Quarterly Newsletter

Dear Constituent,

My journey to become District 3 Supervisor began in January 2018 when I became deeply concerned about proposed commercial marijuana cultivation in Tuolumne County. After careful consideration, council and prayer, I decided to stand up and run for District 3 Supervisor. Today I took the oath of office and the process is complete. Thank you to all of those who attended today, I am ever grateful for your continued support.

Over the last year, I have continued to fight for the safety and security of our district and this county in standing against commercial marijuana cultivation.  I have also learned to fight for so much more.  I have heard your concerns including decent roads, healthy forests, broadband, and a good economy to enable the next generation to stay here. You want your local government to live within its means and budget like you must do.

I am a fighter, but part of fighting understanding which battle to fight and when to fight. The critical fight at this very moment is centered around fire safety and contingency planning for a fire emergency in order to save lives in the event of wildfire.  While healthy forest management was my number one goal, I now see it as a component of the immediate challenge to create fire-safe communities and develop comprehensive emergency plans. Decades of forest mismanagement will not be solved overnight which is why I must focus the attention of local government to immediately plan the prevention of a Butte County Camp Fire type event from happening in our area.

Accordingly, I presented a 2019 Legislative Platform recommendation to the Board of Supervisors on 12/4/2018 requesting this be our number one priority as a community moving forward. This is also why on 12/18/2018, Larry Crabtree, retired chief, Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire District, submitted a proposal to the BOS regarding a critical vegetation abatement program. I would like to personally thank Larry for his contribution to this endeavor.

The annual BOS retreat is at the end of January and we will collectively discuss priorities for 2019. I will push to make fire-safe communities and emergency planning the number one issue moving forward with the understanding that a Butte County Camp Fire could come to our community this summer, and we must prepare now.

Thank you for trusting me with the awesome responsibility of representing District 3.

– Anaiah

To Date:

  • Presented a 2019 Legislative Platform recommendation to the BOS on 12/4/2018 requesting that fire-safe communities and emergency planning be our number one issue for 2019 at the State and National Level. The recommendation was adopted.
  • Presented a 2019 Legislative Platform recommendation to the BOS on 12/4/2018 requesting broadband be placed on the platform. The recommendation was adopted.
  • At the 12/18/2018 BOS meeting, recommended the comments to California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Utility Wildfire Mitigation Plans include utility companies restrictions to not operate equipment in overloaded conditions. This may have been a cause in the Butte County Camp Fire.  The recommendation was adopted.
  • With retained SB-1 funding, the roads department hired a roads superintendent in December 2018. This will give greater oversight to road projects in planning and executing those plans. This item was on my list to immediately improve road maintenance.
  • The 20 year General Plan was adopted. I spoke in favor of the adoption at the 12/19/2018 planning commission meeting on 12/19/2018 and the 1/3/2019 BOS meeting.
  • The park foundation purchased the land from Sonora high school and is moving forward on its plans to build a community park. I spoke in favor at the 12/18/2019 school board meeting. I believe this park will benefit our community and the agriculture program at Sonora High. I am also pleased to see private sector funding instead of spending tax-payer dollars.
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