Candidate Tuolumne County District 3 Supervisor


I stand for principles which protect our children and their future, strong families and individual freedoms.

I believe in a free-market economy that provides opportunity for those who work hard, and at the same time preserves what people have earned. I wholeheartedly support the entrepreneurial spirit in this country which drives our local businesses. I have a vision for our County‚Äôs economy to provide our young men and women with stable careers, the ability to buy homes and raise families here. I also believe the seniors in our communities deserve our respect and honor while enjoying their life as our neighbors.

It is vital to work with government and private agencies to better manage our forests and natural resources in a responsible way that creates jobs and industry, while also protecting citizens and the ecosystem from devastating wildfires.

I will fight for Tuolumne County's water rights to reclaim them as our own and advocate for new water storage.

Finally, I believe the citizens of Tuolumne County deserve protection and security. As a law enforcement officer by profession, nothing is more important than the safety and security of our children and families.  Although California allows medicinal and recreational marijuana, our county is not required to permit commercial marijuana cultivation which would harm our environment, pollute and deplete our water, increase crime, negatively impact tourism and reduce property values. Therefore, I stand against big marijuana cultivation.